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  We are working on recruiting some amazing new vendors, some from out of state too!  If you come across some fantastic, fun and popular handcrafters at upcoming shows, please refer them to our site, or have them call me, (317)503-0532.

CHICA BOUTIQUA is the name that I've given these amazing handcrafted art/boutique shows that have been going on for three years now, in the Indianapolis area.  Started in the Spring of 2010, I wanted to showcase some of the amazing talent we have here in the Indy area.  I decided to make these shows more of a fundraising event, so that we could highlight the artisans, but at the same time, do good for a non-profit organization.  The majority of the shows feature original, handcrafted works:  clothing, jewelry, handbags, giftwear, stationary, chocolates and treats, pet bling, glassware and just about anything else you would want to buy!  These shows are so much fun and the hand-selected vendors are truly talented, but great businesswomen too.  I hope you will mark your calendar for the next Chica Boutiqua show and tell your friends!

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